Legacies of Faith
The Catholic Churches of Stearns County

The Architecture of the Churches
"The German immigrant Minnesota and Wisconsin architects who designed the churches for Stearns County...drew on a rich vocabulary of Gothic and Romanesque elements to produce churches that were neither Gothic nor Rundbogenstil, nor the "Richardsonian Romanesque of the 1880s and 1890s, but that parishioners could identify with their memories of the Romanesque and  Gothic in the old country.  Sometimes an austere, red-brick exterior, with its Romanesque round arches and corbels, will give way to an ornate interior of Gothic verticality and light, rib vaults leading the eye and mind upward with that sense of reassurance that religious structures seek to express."

                                                   From Legacies of Faith; the Catholic   
                                                               Churches of Stearns County, p. 21
Above and below: Church of St. Michael, Spring Hill