Legacies of Faith
The Catholic Churches of Stearns County

Scores of beautiful brick Gothic and Romanesque style Catholic churches, perhaps the most significant religious architecture in rural Minnesota, are clustered within the rural core of Stearns County, seeming to be hidden in the wide open spaces of central Minnesota prairie.

These remarkably designed churches form the basis of the recently published book Legacies of Faith - the Catholic Churches of Stearns County, written by John Roscoe and Robert Roscoe, and published by North Star Press of St. Cloud, Minnesota.  Renowned Minnesota photographer Doug Ohman's 180 color images illustrate their magnificent interiors and richly ornamental details.  Stearns County's culturally distinct rural hamlets, many only five miles apart, are similar to their European counterparts.  These iconic structures came into form by German and Polish immigrant farm communities in th late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Legacies of Faith - the Catholic Churches of Stearns County brings to light the history of how these magificent churches came into being from extraordinary circumstances of historical, social and ethnic forces, and why these communities created such great works of architecture.